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Jane Chu spent most of her life dabbling in art here and there.  She thinks making a bio of herself in third person is extremely strange…and she’s ready to call it a day and go find a snack.

But let’s give this another try.

It’s taken many odd jobs, and life experiences to open up this website and shop in a grown up way. All the products here are designed by myself in my tiny, artistically cluttered (messy), Sunnyside, New York bedroom.

I aspire to create work that is more than just cute- I want to explore meaningful themes and things that move people- it may take me some time to discover how to do this more eloquently and I hope you'll stay with me on this journey.  I’d love for you to find fragments of your childhood, loves, and dreams here.

Currently, I am still working full time and drawing and managing this shop on the side, so forgive me if new products and restocks are slow moving, or if things are broken (please don't hesitate to contact me so I can work on improving this shop!).

thank you for your kindness